The Brush Brothers painting jam.

The Brush Brothers painting jam.

Last Saturday we had a painting meeting with the entire squad of The Brush Brothers. After a hard waking up at 5 a.m. and in a bit zombie mode I set off slowly to Opole. Surprisingly, the train did not have any delays and at 8:30 and I arrived at the destination station where I was picked up by Redav. Then we went to the Chamber of Crafts (suitable place for a painting workshop :)) Just a stop at the nearby Lidl to purchase some food and we were ready for the whole day in the paint fumes. After a short while the rest of the miniatures enthusiasts also began to appear, and after showing of our recent paintings we have finally sat down to the tables.

Just a peek at the models from infinity and we’re starting to paint.

As we all know this task requires full concentration.

Unfortunately, some of us had their head in the clouds all day 😉

A little break to look at the models again.

Not bad.

I see you … do not touch my brushes!

In terms of lighting we were all in agreement.

Dwarven frenzy dominated the tables:



Don’t look or I’ll make a mistake !

Pastel Marines chapter in production 😉

A glance at the pallet for this distinctive color scheme 😉

Redav and his cloth . It will be worth millions of $ one day 🙂

Safe mini transport – the need is the mother of invention! 🙂

There are those who snort lines from a silver tray, we use a wet palette 😉


Om nom nom !

Why this snow effect smells like garlic?!

With so many slayers no dragons, trolls or demons are a threat!

After 8 hours of painting came a time for a well deserved rest with the golden liquor, chatting and after partying 🙂 There was a lot of painting, techniques and experiences exchanges, heated debates on the use of certain shading techniques, and above all, peals of laughter, sincere joy and great fun! Everyone who missed the event should regret it and for those kicking themselves, let’s await the announcement date of the next meeting . I already can’t wait and in spite of 400km/4,5h spent in a train I’ll try to be there 🙂

What's up?

What's up?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here. This is due to the fact that I’ve recently moved to Warsaw. It took me some time to organize and re-create my painting desk over here. After that the Hussar 2013 painting competition came along so I was busy finishing the display base for my Deathwing command Squad. Surprisingly it gave me a honorable mention in the squad category.



Malarska Aktywacja (Polish Only)

Malarska Aktywacja (Polish Only)



“Malarska Aktywacja to wieloetapowy konkurs malarski działający na przestrzeni pięciu miesięcy, rozpoczynający się 1 marca 2013 roku a kończący się 21 Lipca 2013 roku. Każdy miesiąc to jeden etap konkursu, w którym to wyszczególnione będą wszystkie wymagania i warunki zadania do wykonania w danym miesiącu. Celem konkursu jest zmotywowanie graczy do pomalowania jak największej liczby modeli ze swojej zgłoszonej armii, gdzie szczytowym celem jest pomalowanie ich wszystkich – słowem, chcemy, by każdy postawił sobie za cel jedną ze swoich armii i na przestrzeni tego półrocza pomalował ją od podstaw do zacnego i cieszącego oko końca.”

Gorąco zapraszam wszystkich do wzięcia udziału we wspólnej zabawie!

Czas wyciągnąć zakurzone modele z szaf i tchnąc w ich życie nieco kolorów!

Po więcej szczegółów, regulamin oraz do składania samych zgłoszeń zapraszam TUTAJ!

How to paint ceramic Necrons

How to paint ceramic Necrons

This is how I’ve painted my Necrons.

Infantry steb-by-step:

  • Grey Primer
  • Medium Camo Brown (Vallejo Model Air) sprayed from the bottom of the mini
  • Arena Sand (VMA) sprayed from the 45 degrees angle
  • Arena Sand + White (75/25) sprayed from the top
  • metal areas: Gunmetal Grey + Black (Vallejo Model Color, 50/50)
  • Gloss Varnish
  • Dark Brown oil wash all over the model
  • weapons were painted black and then some highlight were added using Adeptus Battlegrey (Citadel)
  • green parts were painted using Green Zinc Chromate (VMA)
  • edge lining with pure White
  • battle damage using a 50/50 mix of Scorched Brown (Citadel) and Black

Vehicles step-by-step:

  • Black Primer
  • Black sprayed from the bottom
  • Dark Seagreen (VMA) sprayed from the 45 degrees angle
  • Medium Sea Grey (VMA) sprayed from the top
  • green part and lights were painted using Green Zinc Chromate (VMA) and highlighted by adding some yellow and Radome Tan (VMA) to the mix
  • After some thoughts I still need to add some edge highlighting on them and add some battle damage here and there.


Crashed Imperial Aquila Lander – step-by-step

Crashed Imperial Aquila Lander – step-by-step

Some time ago I bought a wrecked Aquila Lander. This set is incomplete, but for 10$ I still think it was worth it.

This is how it looked like (it’s covered with an acrylic paint remover)

I’ve sprayed the base colors – VMA Sand, and some highlights with White. Red elements are painted using WMA Mahagony. I’ve added some dirt/blast marks using Vallejo Model Color: Smoke.

Using a harsh brush and some hot water I’ve removed the salt.

I’ve panited the earth with VMA: Dark Earth and Light Brown. Bigger rock were painted using VMA Dark Seagreen. I’ve covered everything with a gloss varnish and I’ve applied an oil wash.

I’ve removed the excess of oil wash. I’ve did some lining and applied the transfers. I’ve painted the rocks with black and dry-brushed them with Codex Grey. I’ve weathered the decals using sand paper.

I’ve added some pigments for earth and rust. I did some stains here and here. I’ve added the glass elements. Those were created from the transparent blister package. I’ve dusted hem a bit with an earth pigment. Finally I’ve dry-brushed the earth elements using Bleached Bone and added some Army Painter tufts.

That’s all!