Hunt or be Hunted – WIP pictures

I don’t have a proper documentation of this project, but from time to time I did some quick photos. My phone did a really crappy job at it, but maybe some of You would like to see how the diorama was growing 🙂

“Hunt or be Hunted” – diorama for Hussar ’15

And now for something a little bigger 😉 This was my entry in diorama category for Hussar ’15 painting competition. This was my 1st attempt at creating a large waterfall and I have to admit that I’ve failed, but You won’t learn if You won’t try 🙂



Hilary, 1953. The Conquest of Everest

This time something a little bit different. My first model in scale larger than 28-30mm. The model itself is made by Andrea Miniatures was painted as a birthday present for my dad.



“Gone fishin'” – Predette Ursula

I’ve been a bit quiet here lately, so I’ll try to upload some of my recently finished works.
First one is a female predator manufactured by predastore.